Internazionale – Wreaths of Life LP (Clear Vinyl)


Cat. No. PJ005


With several releases on Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation and over a dozen others on Janushoved, Wreaths Of Life is a magnificent and essential release in Internazionale’s vast discography, a mature full-length album of infinite beauty. Its sound is created by a sublime combination of countless immersive textures which embody sonic landscapes of dreamlike ambient music.

Elegy For The Victors is gorgeously melancholic, whereas Wreaths Of Life is a spiritual journey towards a happier, more joyful existence: the sensation of spring after winter, sunshine after rain, harmony after conflict.

Give a listen to this criminally overlooked diamond of European ambient music and it’ll become the definitive soundtrack to your vision of Arcadian bliss.

100 copies pressed on transparent clear vinyl.

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Black, Clear