Various Artists – Europe In Decline LP



“A Hardcore/Punk Compilation” featuring 25 European bands: Freak Show, Mrtvá Budoucnost, Cripple Bastards, Tolshock, Purgen, Coche Bomba, Wasserdicht, Active Minds, Bullshit Propaganda, Crooked Cops, Insane Youth, Rezeznia, Silna Wola, Totuus, Left In Ruins, Shock Troop, Total Failure, D.U.R.A.K., Greedy Guts, Violent Headache, Cluster Bomb Unit, Panopticon, Jobbykrust, Blindspot and Substandard.
Released in 1997 on Six Weeks Records, label started by Athena Kautsch of The Dread and Jeff Robinson of Capitalist Casualties. They also published Short Fast & Loud ‘zine.