Extended Suicide – S/T 12″ EP


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“I always get a kick out of art portraying skating that is obviously drawn by someone who likely doesn’t skate: stink bugged, impossible grabs, weird contortions. Combine a stinkbug slob with a skating skeleton in space drinking beer, and I’m sold. Open up the package and the Extended Suicide 12″ from Denmark (but with vocals in Spanish?) will knock you back into your seat. And like the skeletal skate space astronaut on the cover, better crack open a beer, you’re gonna need it, it’s raging hardcore…” –Wez Lundry, THRASHER MAGAZINE

“Charred, fast hardcore punk from Denmark. They nail the prerequisite speedy blastbeat parts, but are still able to keep in interesting with pummeling slowdowns and feedback-infested intros. This isn’t Ktown HC; Extended Suicide hail from Odense and play a style that would feel more at home on Kangaroo than Hjernespind. Blunt and visceral, this band plays from their guts. When these eight songs are over, you’ll be saying two things to yourself: “Well, that was badass,” and “Holy shit, did I just drink that entire six pack?!”” –Daryl Gussin, RAZORCAKE MAGAZINE

“Angst ridden HC from Denmark. Well written songs mixing classic HC with raging speed. Excellent pissed vocals bringing many songs to a boiling point. Strong recording helps achieve maximum impact. This is really fucking good!” –SHORT FAST & LOUD ‘zine